Autogas for diesel application:

Propane is a viable fuel. It can be used on diesel engines (turbo or non-turbo) in conjunction with conventional diesel fuel. Installation of conversion upgrade system allows for blend diesel with propane, turning your vehicle to dual fuel. Implementing this technology causes a 98% burn rate of diesel fuel used, a substantial increase from 55-70% burn rate of current diesel engines. Therefore allowing gain peak efficiency, reducing the amount of diesel delivered to the engine, improving fuel economy and saving up to 30% on fuel costs.


Blending LPG (propane) with diesel optimizes engine performance allowing to operate at peak efficiency. By increasing horsepower and torque you can increase fuel mileage and substantially reduce fuel costs, at the same time reducing harmful exhaust emissions.


Upgrade systems are non-invasive. They are controlled by digital microprocessor that monitors specific engine inputs, such as knock, temperature and exhaust sensors of your engine. Propane is injected into the air intake system with a specific rate depending on sensors’ readings. Microprocessor fully controls the system and it is designed to shot down and signal the driver if any problem with engine given parameters are detected.

100% compliant with all federal regulations and safe for all types of diesel engines.


By installing propane injection system on your diesel engine you can:
  • Optimize engine performance, improving fuel economy
  • Increase horsepower and torque
  • Increase fuel mileage and decrease operating costs
  • Increase time between service intervals
  • Decrease engine oil dilution and contamination
  • Increase engine life by decreasing harmful combustion chamber deposits
  • Reduce harmful exhaust emissions and particulate emissions
  • NO LPG being added during braking nor deceleration
  • Performs in any climate
  • Designed for use with cruise control
  • Increases efficiency of exhaust brakes, help reduce brake system wear and tear
  • The processor constantly monitors and adjusts fuel delivery levels and components every few microseconds
  • Liquid LPG prevention protection